The project

PRINT ACTU project

The site works like an “infomediary”, a neologism that designates an intermediary of information.

Print Actu brings together data from various sources in order to provide access to informations available in the form of databases, press articles, or media of all forms.

The project


Information is everywhere but never in front of the right person, in the right place and at the right time…

Print-Actu carries in its DNA the federation of a community sometimes disoriented by the multitude of informations websites or micro informations about digital printing, screen printing, or any other form of graphic creativity.

Indeed, in an economic system in which technologies are changing the modes of production and the structure of companies, we have to deal with news that are always posted on more and more sites on the web. This results in a blatant lack of link between the different actors of the sector and a dilution of knowledge.

Information is everywhere but never in front of the right person, in the right place and at the right time…

To correct this, Print-Actu allows users to consult a massive number of articles dealing with digital printing, in all its forms, on a single platform.

As it is designed, the Print Actu project brings together all the news from the graphic arts and digital printing sector, acting as search engine. It broadcasts those informations in the form of a diary and a virtual media library.



Thibault raudet

PRINT ACTU is an idea aiming to make available a maximum of open source services for the graphic industries.

All publications are welcome as long as they are related to the graphic industry, the contents are not monetized, they are presented in chronological order, according to 5 sections:

At the national level:
– Press: from press or consultant websites
– Techno : from manufacturers or resellers of the graphic market
– Print & Fab: from printing companies, screen printing companies, communication agencies or any player in the sector.

On an international level:
– International: translation of popular articles on foreign versions of, or content shared by specialized journalist partners based abroad
– The dossier: a dossier written (in collaboration with specialists from other countries or other industries) in order to open up to subjects that could impact the graphic arts sector or its activity.



The graphic arts sector, and digital printing in particular, has an absolutely enormous scope for digitalizing its services.


PRINT ACTU brings together a community of people and services.
The idea being to put a maximum of projects in open source, we invite you to discover the initiatives in place in the CoPrinting initiative