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Do marketplaces threaten your business? – Article 5/5: Tips and recommendations

If the different platforms presented represent great business opportunities or notoriety, would you make the same decision knowing that in 6, 12 or 18 months you will have to rely on their digital power.

Here are some recommendations to follow in order to maintain the balance between opportunity and risk:

CANNIBALIZATION: If you are registered on a marketplace, you can check if it cannibalizes your brand name or your product by doing a private search on Google, test its brand(s), its products, its product descriptions, its company name, its presentation.

SEO: Do not offer your best brands or products: natural SEO is an essential point that should keep you from offering your bestsellers, products or brands best known in the marketplace, because your traffic could literally fall just like your customer file.

SHORT-TERM SALES: if you already have a solid database and you are mainly looking to increase your sales and turnover in the short or long term then using the marketplace will bring you what you are looking for.

VOLATILE CUSTOMERS: be aware that the orders that the marketplace will bring you will not bring you loyal customers. So we advise you to market your entire catalogue except for your best-sellers, because it is these products that allow you to attract qualified traffic to your site and to build up a solid business (a customer file) for the years to come.

HIDDEN FEES: All fees must be integrated into your strategy so that you do not get trapped.

BIDDING: Bidding systems can be very interesting as long as their cost is included in your margins.

DESTOCKING: if the marketplace is better referenced than your site on products that you do not sell well or that you need to destocking then this is an advantage that will allow you to get ahead of your competitors.



Do marketplaces threaten your business?

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