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Spain- Fespa presents its activity report


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Once again this year, FESPA Spain produced the report on the previous year’s activities. In this case, the report covers the work of the association during the year 2019, focusing on the celebration of FESPA Spain’s 30th anniversary and on continuing to grow and offer the best service to member companies.

Given the current circumstances, we have not yet sent the report to be printed for distribution in hard copy, but it can be consulted online on the FESPA Spain website.

This document is the best presentation of FESPA Spain: 20 pages in which we remember the great moments of 2019: the trip to the FESPA Global Print Expo in Munich, the celebration in Madrid of the fifth FESPA Southern Europe Congress, the celebration of the sixth FESPA Spain Congress on 20 November, the award ceremony of the fifth Ramon Sayans Awards or the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the association, for which we gathered a good part of the founders of AEDES at that time.

2019 was a year marked by important milestones for FESPA Spain and for the visual communication sector, a year in which the team and the associates worked to complete the 2016-2019 Strategic Plan as much as possible and work began on the next one. And a year in which we have carried out an important recruitment plan that has seen the number of associates increase by 69.7% since 2017.

We agree with the words of the President, Gabriel Virto, in the presentation: “Seeing in writing what we have done in 2019 makes me aware of all the progress we have made”. That is why, as he says, we believe that this document is the best tool to make FESPA Spain known to those who do not know it, and to justify the work of the association.


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