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Visibility and SEO strategy


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Do marketplaces threaten your business? – Article 4/5: Visibility and SEO strategy

Opportunities for recovery, beware of the ideal solution: do marketplaces threaten your business?

5. Visibility

Not all marketplaces work in the same way, but many of them promote your products based on how much you are willing to spend.

So this is another element to take into account, as it will impact your margins without any guarantee that you will sell more.

Some of them base their algorithm to highlight the most popular products, but in this case, you can be drowned in the mass of shops. Even if this system may seem more interesting to have a premium on board, often an ad auction service is also proposed to limit the mass effect and leave the choice to the sellers to invest.

Intermediation platforms alone (without sales) sometimes present content according to their customers’ subscription plans. If you have subscribed before your competitors, then think about checking if your plan is sufficient to guarantee your visibility. Also, find out how many plans or subscriptions are available in each category. Offers that evolve quickly from the acquired plan can quickly be overtaken by a more expensive plan.

6. SEO or Search Engine Optimization

SEO is certainly a key point in your traffic acquisition strategy, with the use of marketplaces, you will have to pay attention to one point even if it can also be an advantage. Marketplaces have complete teams of SEO experts, relays on other platforms, resources that you may not have, or at a different scale.

The risk here is that the traffic coming from the natural results of your website will decrease after your products are put online.

This is a normal phenomenon since the SEO authority of marketplaces is often much higher than that of your site.

This is why, very regularly, your traffic coming from SEO can decrease to the benefit of your products or services on the marketplace. A phenomenon that will probably make you lose valuable information about your customers, because as mentioned above, you don’t really have a simple way to retain your customers once they buy on the marketplace or once they are captured by the sourcing platform. This can also become another source of platform dependency.

Duplication of content is also a danger presented by sourcing platforms.

If your articles or material sheets are reproduced, Google will systematically display the version deemed most appropriate for Internet users for each given search. Once again the SEO power of the said platform has a great chance to take over your site… It is useful to make sure that each site on which your content is displayed includes a link to your original article.

You can also ask those who use your published content to use the Meta noindex tag to prevent search engines from indexing their version of the content.

If the marketplace is better referenced than your site on products that you don’t sell well or need to de-stock then this is an advantage that will allow you to get ahead of your competitors.

On the other hand, natural referencing is an essential point that should keep you from offering your best-sellers, products or brands that are best known in the marketplace, because your traffic could literally drop just like your customer file.

If you are registered on one of these platforms, a simple Google search in a private window may allow you to evaluate on you are cannibalized by the platform.

Do marketplaces threaten your business?

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